Improving traffic volume predictions using geometric priors

28th of March 2023
I recently learned about Graph Nerural Networks and got to know the PyTorch Geometric library. As a part of the class I am currently attending, I did a project aiming to improve predictions for future traffic. The inputs are the traffic volumes registered at 95 different traffic stations durng the last hour. The goal is to predict the traffic volumes at these stations for the next hour. As a baseline model, I used a standard fully connected neural network with 95 nodes in the output layer. Read More...

A Python Wordle clone

21st of March 2023
Ever needed to kill some time while your cutting edge machine learnig model is training, or when waiting for your code to compile? Now you can! Turn your terminal into an amusement park with Ordl. You can find it on my GitHub. Just replace the dictionary file ord with any space separated word list to make it more personalized.

My personal webpage

14th of March 2023
This website was built using Hugo, a static site generator. Using Hugo’s templating system, I wrote a simple theme which allows me to easily write new content in Markdown. I also set up some handy GitHub actions to automate things. When pushing changes to my private source repository, static pages are automatically generated by Hugo and then pushed to another public repository (the one hosting this page). For the looks, I started with PicoCSS and modified it to suit my needs. Read More...